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General Inquiry- Patient Portal (Health Myself)

Patient Portal

South East Toronto FHT is now using a secure, encrypted portal for communicating electronically with patients called Health Myself.  This portal provides secure, encrypted email connection between its registrants (FHT physicians, clinicians and administration) and invitees (patients). We hope this service will finally free up some congestion on our phone lines and better serve our patients.

Acceptable Use of Health Myself:

To summarize, Health Myself can be used to:

·         View and/or remind you about upcoming appointments

·         Cancel appointments (Note: a charge may apply for appointments cancelled with

·         <24 hours notice)

·         Respond to your non-urgent queries or questions (See response time below)

·         Provide you with lab requisitions, copies of test results etc. as required

·         Allow you to submit medical forms for completion (Note: In person appointment

·         may also be required)

·         Provide you with our SETFHT Newsletter as well as information about upcoming

·         programming

·         Book appointments online (Coming Soon)


Response Time

Secure messaging is intended to be used for NON-URGENT health issues.  We will attempt to respond within 1-2 business days, during regular office hours of 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM Monday to Friday.


Broadcast Messages

Health Myself is also a vehicle for South East Toronto FHT to send broadcasts to our patients (i.e. to send Newsletters, updates and reminders).  



Health Myself is our secure email communication service that the Family Health Team (FHT) & MD Group has purchased from Health Myself (health FHT has entrusted the maintenance and security to Health Myself.  All of our users have been fully trained.

Register today!

You can ask staff to send you a registration email

Or message us at 

(this email is for registration requests only!  Appointment bookings, health information requests and personal requests must be made through the Health Myself portal or by calling the 840 Coxwell Avenue Clinic at 416-469-6464 or 1871 Danforth Avenue Clinic at 416-699-7775).


HealthMyself login page for those already registered: