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Patient Policies

Team-based model

In order to serve you better and operate more efficiently, we are moving to a NEW team-based model effective June 3rd 2019. This means you will have a primary team responsible for facilitating your care, which will be based on who your primary physician is. We will continue to offer you the same services and after-hours care. However, with this new model you will see a few changes:

What team am I on?
The teams are based on your primary physician (See below). We are in the process of transferring our outgoing resident practices to new residents, and you will be notified if you are part of the resident practice. Don’t worry; each team will help you understand how our new team model works.

New Hours of Operation:

Urgent Care Clinic Hours:

Patient Portal
Have you signed up for our new secure platform for patient communications? This will allow you and our team to communicate directly. We will also start to activate the NEW online booking feature very soon so you can book directly online. In order for you to sign up for this free service, please speak to staff or email us at A member of our team will send you a registration email.

We would also like to take this opportunity to review our clinic policies.

Respectful Environment
SETFHT is committed towards providing a safe and respectful environment to all patients and staff. We have a zero tolerance policy towards unsafe and disrespectful behaviour towards staff and/or other patients. Behaviour of this nature may result in the physician ending his/her relationship with a patient. Please see “Patient Rights and Responsibilities” at for further details.

Evening and Weekend Appointments
SETFHT continues to offer after-hours access for urgent issues 6 days a week. Please remember that evening and weekend clinic appointments are reserved for urgent issues only. As evening appointments are limited, please make every effort to attend the appointment given to you by our staff.

Switching Physicians
SETFHT is an academic practice of health care providers who utilize a team-based approach for your health care. Within the team environment, each patient has a single Family Physician. Switching to a different Family Physician at SETFHT is not permitted.

The exception pertains to Resident Practice patients who will switch to a new Resident Physician every 1-2 years.

Appointment Cancellations
To ensure accessibility and fairness to our patients, we strongly encourage patients to give at least 24 hours notification to cancel an appointment. Two or more cancellations with less than 24 hours notice or two or more missed appointments/no-Shows without a valid medical reason will result in a cancellation fee.

Opioids and Controlled Substances
Certain prescription medications require specialized monitoring for individual patient safety, as well as that of the community at large. These medications include opioids (one form of pain medication), benzodiazepines (one type of anxiety medication), and stimulants (medications for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD). These medications can be prescribed or renewed only by your regular Family Physician only and may require an appointment.

If you are a part of the Resident Practice, you must book an appointment with your Resident Physician. If an appointment is booked with another provider, your medication will not be renewed.

Prescription Renewals
If you require a renewal of your prescription medication, you may call your pharmacy and have them fax a Prescription Renewal Request on your behalf to your Family Physician.

Provincial privacy guidelines:

We cannot release ANY information to a person who is NOT the patient unless we have signed consent or a court issued document on the chart. This includes family members, spouse, partner, or friends. All requests must be approved by the Health Information Custodian (your physician). We legally have 30 days to respond to any requests.

Forms, documents, letters
Patients bring many documentation requests to their Family Physician. Please allow 60 days for completion. If you require forms to be completed in less than 60 days, please discuss this with your Family Physician. You can review the Non-OHIP covered services for fees at