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Quality Improvement at SETFHT

Health care matters to every Ontarian. That’s why the government has taken important steps to improve the quality of Ontario’s health care system and make sure every health care dollar is used to provide the best possible care.

Ontario’s Excellent Care for All strategy means that:

  1. The patient is at the centre of the health care system.
  2. Decisions about patient care are based on the best evidence and standards.
  3. The health care system is focused on the quality of care and the best use of resources.
  4. The main goal of the health care system is to get better and better at what it does.

How is Quality Measured?

Health Quality Ontario (HQO) is the agency responsible for helping to improve the quality of health care to the people of Ontario. All hospitals, long-term care facilities, community care access centres, community health centres and family health teams submit an annual Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) to HQO. The QIP is composed of an agency summary, a progress report from the previous year, and a workplan for the coming year.  There are three major pieces to a QIP workplan:

  1. An indicator, which is a measure of good care. HQO sets many of these, and organizations can add some of their own.
  2. A target, so that we can measure how well we have done.
  3. An improvement project. There may be one of more projects for each indicator; if the organization is performing well in some areas, there may be no projects for those measures of care.

SETFHT's Quality Improvement Plan

SETFHT's Quality Improvement Committee (QIC) develops its QIP in consultation with the Board and the Patient Advisory Council. The QIC has broad representation from the staff, MDs, board and management of SETFHT, including: three physicians (two of whom are also Board members), two nurses, the pharmacist, one Dietitian, the QI Decision Support Specialist, the Manager, QI & Patient Safety and the Executive Director and meets every other month. The Board and the Patient Advisory Council regularly review our progress in meeting our improvement targets.

We have posted our 2019-20 QIP submission below.


Attachments (click to download):
 Adobe Acrobat Document SouthEastTorontoFHT_narrative FINAL.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document SouthEastTorontoFHT_progressReport FINAL.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document SouthEastTorontoFHT__workplan FINAL.pdf