About Us

Here is how the South East Toronto Family Health Team helps to promote your health:


  • We help you understand the risk factors for diseases and we provide you with screening tests and follow-up.
  • We find and treat health problems at the early stages when care is more effective.
  • We help you manage chronic disease (teach you how to manage your condition better).
  • We use the most recent technology to manage health records and information. This means that your health information will be secure when it is shared among health professionals.
  • We work with patients and families to help you “navigate” the health care system. This helps to ensure that the care you receive is well-coordinated.
  • We help you get access to the right service with the right provider at the right time!

The South East Toronto Family Health Team

is committed to meeting the Ontario government’s strategy to improve access to comprehensive primary health care for Ontarians by:

  • Reducing the number of unattached patients in South East Toronto;
  • Keeping Ontarians healthy;
  • Reducing wait times; and
  • Providing better access to primary health care services
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Our Team

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Administration Head Office

Stephen Beckwith, Executive Director

Connie Gray, Finance Manager

Daniel Gallant, Human Resources Generalist

David Ceballos, Information and Technology Coordinator

Dharmistha Kaul, Quality Improvement and Programs Manager

Vanessa De la Vega, Programs and Services Assistant

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Dr. Tarin Arenson, Physician

Dr. Jackie Bellaire, Physician

Dr. Rob Ciccarelli, Physician

Dr. Blaise Clarkson, Physician

Dr. Eleanor Colledge, Physician

Dr. Geordie Fallis, Physician

Dr. Caitlin Fitzpatrick, Physician

Dr. Stephanie Godard, Physician

Dr. Aaron Harris, Physician

Dr. Louisa Huband, Physician

Dr. Betty Hum, Physician

Dr. Ramona Joshi, Physician

Dr. Kim Kitto, Physician

Dr. Edward Kucharski, Physician

Dr. KitShan Lee, Physician

Dr. Michelle Lockyer, Physician

Dr. Tia Pham, Physician

Dr. Deanna Telner, Physician

Dr. Mary Thomas, Physician

Dr. Sam Tirkos, Physician

Dr. Peter Tzakas, Physician

Dr. Sian Wong, Physician

Dr. Roy Wyman, Physician

Interprofessional Healthcare Providers

Jessa Letargo, Care Navigator

Ajai Rooprai, Chiropodist

Veronica Park, Chiropodist

Erin Eadie, Clinical Psychologist

Kerry-Anne Ross, Nurse Practitioner

Hiliary Siurna, Nurse Practitioner

Lauren Walton, Nurse Practitioner

Jessica Visentin, Pharmacist

Aida Moradi, Physiotherapist

Jean Guo, Physician Assistant

Julie Seale, Registered Dietitian

Serena Beber, Registered Dietitian

Edward Jason Santos, Registered Nurse

Phyllis Yuen, Registered Nurse

Ashraf Behram, Registered Nurse

Lauren Cripps, Registered Nurse

Michelle Payne, Registered Nurse

Martin Lee, Registered Nurse

Maryam Fazl, Social Worker

Liz Dean, Social Worker

Maria Ierullo, Social Worker

Family Medicine Residents

Dr. Eva Bain, Family Medicine Resident

Dr. Sumeet Bhardwaj, Family Medicine Resident

Dr. Kimberly Blom, Family Medicine Resident

Dr. Brittany Chow, Family Medicine Resident

Dr. Dan Cornejo Palma, Family Medicine Resident

Dr. Sheniz Eryuzlu, Family Medicine Resident

Dr. Margaret Frere, Family Medicine Resident

Dr. Pete Friesen, Family Medicine Resident

Dr. Elena Grbac, Family Medicine Resident

Dr. Montana Mason, Family Medicine Resident

Dr. Cam Matamoros, Family Medicine Resident

Dr. Pranavan Paranthaman, Family Medicine Resident

Dr. Shirley Poon, Family Medicine Resident

Dr. Karina Prucnal, Family Medicine Resident

Dr. Natalie Richard, Family Medicine Resident

Dr. Nicole Roda, Family Medicine Resident

Dr. Nirit Rozenberg, Family Medicine Resident

Dr. Priya Sandhu, Family Medicine Resident

Dr. Vishalini Sivarajah, Family Medicine Resident

Dr. Jane Wang, Family Medicine Resident

Dr. Sana Warsi, Family Medicine Resident

Dr. Dongni Zhang, Family Medicine Resident