Schedule on when to download your Enhanced Vaccine certificate:

  • October 15 : People born in January, February, March or April
  • October 16 : People born in May, June, July or August
  • October 17 : People born in September, October, November or December

* If you missed your day, you may try downloading your QR codes on or after October 18.

Download Enhanced Vaccine Certificate_v2

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First Dose:

  • Pfizer (12+ years old OR 11 years old that will turn 12 by end of the year)
  • Moderna (25+ years old)

Second Dose:

  • First dose of mRNA vaccine was received 21+ days ago (Pfizer) or 28+ days ago (Moderna)
  • Have received first dose of AstraZeneca 8+ weeks ago (56+ days)

Third Dose (booster):

  • Second dose must have received 84 days earlier (nearly 3 months) AND
    • 18+ years old

Cancer patients and COVID-19 Vaccine:

Cancer and COVID vaccine infographic

COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Form: