Family Practice OB

As family doctors with SETFHT, we offer a unique combination of obstetrical and family medicine skills that allow us to provide a holistic approach to your pregnancy, labour, and post-partum care.

We are family doctors who recognize that childbirth is a normal healthy process. We have training and expertise in family-centred, low-risk pregnancy care, and will suggest interventions only when necessary.

We are fortunate to work in a collaborative, multidisciplinary team both at our clinic and at the Michael Garron Hospital, where we deliver. Our team includes family medicine residents, nurses, nurse practitioners, dieticians, social workers, obstetricians, anaesthesiologists, paediatricians and lactation consultants. As your primary contact, we will guide you through your pregnancy, labour and delivery and when needed, will connect you with specialty services.

The SETFHT providers of low-risk obstetrics are: Dr. Jackie Bellaire, Dr. Caitlin Fitzpatrick, Dr. Stephanie Godard, Dr. Kimberley Kitto, and Dr. Kit Shan Lee.  You are welcome to self-refer for pregnancy care to our administrative assistant by calling the number below.

If you have a family doctor that is not connected with SETFHT, they are invited to send a referral to the fax number below, and we will contact you to arrange an intake appointment.
Phone: 415-469-6590 Ext 3555
Fax: 416-469-6164


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Family Practice OB